Hearty Mother’s day soups for your little ones

There are times when making an entire meal can be a herculean task. If you still want something easy to prepare that is nutritious and versatile, why not try soup?

1. Hearty pasta soup
Whether served as a main dish or as part of a salad, whole grain pasta is full of fibre and low in fat. It can be mixed with just about any combination of vegetables, curries or meats. For a dense soup, add some chopped carrots to a fried mix of beans and peas and some vegetable stock. Once the vegetable stock is tender, add some pasta and some spinach and let it simmer for two minutes. Serve with bread.

2. Honeyed carrot soup
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which acts as anti-oxidants and is instrumental in reversing or preventing cell damage. They are also rich in vitamin C, A, K and fibre. For a creamy carrot soup, fry some chunks of leeks and carrots on medium heat for three minutes. Add some milk, cream or yoghurt and some honey for a sweet finish. You can serve as is or blend it for a smoother finish. Serve warm and with bread.

3. Good old chicken soup

Is there anything more universally accepted and just as delicious than chicken soup? Not only is it touted as the master antidote against conditions such as the common cold due to its antioxidant contents that act as anti-histamines, but it can also be made in any number of ways. Boil some chicken and strain the stock. In another pan, fry some celery, carrots and garlic in fried onions, then add the chicken stock and simmer for 10 minutes. Add some noodles, pasta or spaghetti, and let it boil for four minutes before adding the chicken and boiling for another two minutes. Add some salt, pepper, parsley or any other herb to taste.

Published May 2017 …